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Sunday, 8-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The FA Community Shield

Bersiap sedia nak pegi..
Dalam gerimis pun snaggup..heheh
Man in Red...cuma aku jek yg tak bukak my rain coat..
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Makan bola, tidur bola dan minum coca cola...heheheh ..sukernyer kita org arini sebab dpt tgk pemain2 English Premier League beraksi secara live... Actually today is football match between Arsenal vs. Man. United....anyway my other 3 friends and I on Arsenal side...so we are Arsenal fans!!!!!!!!!!! and the most extravaganza moments is Arsenal won this match...yahoooooooooooo...tu yg best tu...dpt kalahkan red devil dari manchester...heheheheh

Friday, 30-Jul-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Big Weekend in Cardiff

Live band...
Ala ala panca sitara lah pulak...
Suker sgt dgn caterpillar nie..comel..
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As weekend bank holiday celebration, the huge party has been placed in Cardiff City Centre. .one of them is this "Rides Park"...there are almost 20 different of rides that can u try to feel what is the horror + fun all about. ..khairi and me were enjoyed with "Air Sprinkler" which is the ride gonna be fly on air and turning 360 degree...

Thursday, 8-Apr-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Conquer of Italy

Just arrived at Milan Bergamo Airport
Dpn Hotel...tido kat sini ker???hehehe
Dekat Milan Duomo Square..besar..ehh..McD die warne hitam kan??
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Alhamdulillah....akhirnya aku dan teman2 selamat pergi dan balik dari Italy.. ..even this is my longest travel ever, i was enjoy myself an its totally give me a tiredness.. ...the expenses was ok bcoz still around my budget.. .then im glad there is no overlimit shopping...we have a lot of window shoppings..im always behave myself evrytime to choose and buy the right things....nak buat camane...duit byk nak pakai utk travel tmpt2 lain...we went to Milan at first....then we go a bit down to venice...we spent 2 nites there....in the early fourth day morning we start travel to Florence..we also spent 2 nites coz we go to Pisa on second day...lastly..we take our train to go and Rome, Italy's capital city and Vatican City....very nice place...but really dangerous of pickpockets...So..our jouney pics was arranged by 6 of each place..Milan...Venice....Florence..Pisa...Rome and Vatican City

Friday, 27-Feb-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Snow in Cardiff

Masa mula snow..kat blakang rumah pun jadik jer...
abis keta org kami conteng..mabuk budak niii
Atap rumah yg penuh salji...
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Alhamdulillah..akhirnya winter di Cardiff berakhir dgn snow yg lebat....sukernyer kami..... ...pastu ambik gambo sakan..tak ingat benda lain dah.... ...mmg kami lenjan betul2 snow arini....bagai org mabuk salji... ....so..saksikan kehebatan kami bergambor...byeeeeeee

Thursday, 12-Feb-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Festival of Diversity

Arrival at student Union
Masa ketibaan... yg lain2 blum smpi
Posing waktu org tgh berucap..heheh
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Festival of Diversity was organised by MSSC. This is one of the biggest event this year..anyway i was totally enjoyed myself with entertainment programmes....fortunately the biggest surprise i ever had in my life spontaneously is i was announced as BEST COSTUME WINNER... ALHAMDULILLAH...rezeki dah agaknya..and the prize is 2 trip tickets to Alton Towers.... ..sukernye kiterrrr......we went by group of seven..judin, syam, owen, lynn, khairi, razif and myself..

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